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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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driving rain. you are waking up to rain throughout the area. complicating this morning's commute. find out how long it will stick around >> corruption crackdown. nine more people, includg three police officers are arrested in a widespread scandal that has rocked prince george's county. monday nightmare. it was down right embarrassing. the redskins on the wro end of a historic game as michael vick has a record-breaking night. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. i'm joe krebs on the 16th day of november. live look outside. drizzle and rain around the region. tom is here with our forecast for today. going to rain all day long, tom. >> off and on. so keep the umbrella handy. it will be your friend today. looking at the radar the last hour. we have had these waves of generally light rain passing southwest to northeast. moving a pretty good clip 35 to 40 miles per hour. so it's a rather fast-moving
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system. it's along a stalled front in our region throughout the rest of the day today and into tonight. an area of low pressure will pass along this front and bring in more rain as the day progresses. right now getting moderate rain in culpepper, faulkier where they have had a quarter inch. quarter inch in washinon, nearby suburbs .02 since this began last evening. upper 40s to near 50. 51 at national airport. out of the mountains in the 40s around the bay, eastern shore, mid-50s. this rain stretches all the way back to the gulf coast. and low pressure spreading some heavier rains into tennessee. that wil move into the mountains later today. for us passing rain showers throughout the rest of the day with highs just in the mid-50s. sunrise, 6:52. sunset, 4:54. a look through the rest of this workweek in ten minutes. how is the tffic now, jerry? >> i'm sorry.
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we will start along interstate 66 coming from the west. 66 travel lanes a open. a lot of road spray coming from manassas to the beltway. no accidents or broken down cars on 66 toworry about. so that is good ws. now we'll head over and see how we're doing coming from the north on 270. as you round the bend t of frederick, urbana, hyattstown, a broken down car around rockville. couldn't find it so hopefully that's on the shoulder. accident, 270, duffies pike. be careful. road is slick out there. we'll keep you updated >>edskins were in awe of michael vick last night, and it was awe-ful. they shoovg tackling michael vick. began with an 88 yard touchdown pass to desean jackson on the
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very first play of the game. donovan mcnabb had three interceptions. skins say the 59-28 loss is a true embarrassment. >> felt like somebody was playing a video me out there. felt like a video game score. >> looked like a bcs ranking. they should be ranked number one playing like that. >> mama said there would be days like this. just happened to be right now. can't have it happen at all but it did. >> despite the team's awful performance, donovan mcnabb has a nice new fat contract. redskins signed mcnabb to a five-year $78 million deal. $40 million of that is guaranteed the total could reach $88 million when incentives are
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added. his agent said the deal has been in the works since the quarterback was acquired back in april for two draft picks. the fbi arrested nine more people, including three county police officers. it comes just days after the roundup of jack johnson and his wife leslie. tracee wilkins is at the tick tock liquor store. >> reporter: collecting more idence. there have been seizure of homes, bank accounts businesses and of course, as you said,ore arrests as this federal corruption investigation continues in prince george's county. prince george's county jack johnson is back on the job while facing federal evidence tampering charges. he wore an ankle monitoring bracelet like this one after his arrest on friday. >> i'm going to remain strong,
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finish what i started. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the county, state and federal agents carried boxes fm the tick tock liquor store. tho officers and five others were iicted on conspiring to commit extortion charges while a third and another man face drug and nspiracy charges. 45-year-old sergeant richard labur and 42-year-old kim. those cigarette and liquor taxes are a significant source o renue for the state of maryland and the federal government. in a separate case, a third prince george's cop of woodbridge, virginia has been indicted on gun and cocaine charges. >> i'm outraged athe disgraceful conduct demonstrated by three of our officers who tarnished our badge. >> reporter: with all the arsts and federal charges made in the last few days, maryland's u.s. attornehad this to say about possible connections. we have ongoing right now a series of related corruption charges here in prince george's county. >> rorter: those three officers have been suspended
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pending the outcome of this investigation. >> tracee, thank you. and baker says he is focusing on the future. >> the alleged acts of a few in no way should deter all of prince george's county who are ready, eager and i would say excited about the move to make this county or to take this countyrom good to great. >> baker answered new questions on questions of his predecessors and colleagues. baker said he expects the justice system to play out and deal with the charges. >> also, metro investigating another escalator incident. no one was injured, though. this comes just weeks after an escalator suddenly stopped and then sped up at the l'enfant
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plaza injuring six people. since then metro has been inspecting all 588 of its escalators system wide. new today, a suspected u.s. missile strike in northwest pakistan has killed at least 15 suspected militants. the missiles were fired in north waziristan, a tribal region on the afghan border. it is a base for insurgents responsible for many attacks on the u.s. and nato forces. the u.s. has increasingly. >> a soviet air force officer supplied weapons used in civil wars around the war. russian officials, as well as bout's wife and lawyer pressured leaders to release him outrht. instead, he is being shipped off to the united states. abandoned by her mother.
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this morning police release a picture of the baby left in the parking lot of a local church. the discovery that may help solve the international mystery. what happened to natalee hollow holloway. the big announcement the tech giant will announce later today. degrees. a rainy forecast. tom and jerry right back after the break. ♪
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still to come, a well-known member of the obama administration who quit earlier
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breaking news to report. prince william is engaged to kate middleton. congratutions. now the world can continue to spin. >> the wedding is expected to take place in thspring or summer of 2011 in london. this is highly anticipated. and everyone has been predicting that an engagement would come on. they have been dating eight years now. all the royal watchers seem to think she makes a perfect mate for prince william. >> make your plans now. >> are you going? >> well, i'll wait for the invitation to arrive. >> all rig. let's get a look at the forecast now. a little rainy here. maybe like london.
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>> i know this is not quite as impoant but we will give you this information. >> thanks, tom. >> hey, we do have rain falling and this is extremely important to most of us. is rain continues to fall. it has been falling since late last evening. the green and the yellow in culpepper, it's coming down at a higher clip. perhaps heavy downpour about to come into downtown culpepper. rain if aulkier. near 50 degrees. going to warm to the d-50s with periods of rain all the way into tonight. windy. drying out tomorrow. turning chillier by the end of the week. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. >> off we do. making the drive-through northeast, kennelworth, doing good. no accidents or incidents to report. those of you traveling into or out of the third street tunnel should be in fair shape.
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good news there. let's head over and see how wee doing on the beltway. outer loop, word of an accident there. looks like everything will be on the shouer. outer loop, pennsylvania avenue. metro and vre, no delays. marcus having problems on penn 402 and 415 are both canceled. thank you, jerry. >> 6:13 the time. a baby abandoned now has aname. what's the next step in finding her a home. gnat leeallway case is back n headlines this morning. what was found off the coast of aru aruba. remember the jetblue pilot who went berserk? still to come, apple's big anno [ beeping ]
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still to come, apple's big ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ swt land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land o the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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this morning the newborn baby abandoned at a northern virginia church has a name. it is mary. the baby was left outside a st. raymond's roman catholic church in springfie sunday morning. the baby is said to be healthy. the family service agency is now looking for a new home for mary.
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police are still lookingor the baby's mother. this morning we're following a developing story out of aruba. that's where detectives are waiting on dna test toss determine whether human remains found could possibly be connected to the natalee holloway case. now details abo this discovery. >> good morning, joe. this case eluded vettors since 2005. this latest discovery would be a tremendous break through. tourists found the jawbone near the hotel where hallway disappeared five years ago. van der sloot confessed to leaving the teen's dy near that location, however, he has changed his story story many times. detectives sent the remains to the netherlands forensic institute. there tests will determine whether it matches her dna. van der sloot is in prison facing charge of murdering a per peruvian woman.
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results will be revealed only if, indeed, they are connected to the halloway case. after finding a teenage girl gaggednd bound in the basement of an ohio home, investigators aren't holding out hope for three other missing people. there is a real possibility that 13-year-old sarah maynard's mother, brother, and family friend are all dead after vanishing last week from their home. on sunday, sarah was rescued from the home of 30-year-old ex convict matthew hoffman. police are searching a nearby lake for their bodies but so far haven't found anything. secretary of homeland security says the agency will have open ears to passengers's complaints over new airport securityurchases. janet napolitano said the new pat-down do not violate privacy but travelers and pilots
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complained it is equivalent to a public groping and virtuastrip search. she said yesterday the agency will consider changes based on those complaints. >> if there are adjustments we need to make to these procedures as we move forward, we have an open ear. we will listen. but it's all being done as part of our joint security effort. lo, everybody has a role to play. >> napolitano also introduced see something, say something, that's a holiy initiative, asking travel stories report anything out of the ordinary. and speaking of -- >> welcome to the mile high tax club. i'm steven slater. >> there he goes. speaking of the airlines, the jetblue flight attendant who infamously grabbed two beers and jumped out of the plane's emergency exit sliding down a slide has a new job. slater is the spokessalesperson for the new mile high text ub.
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the contesten kurnlgs people to text in their most outrageous travel stories. it's hosted by lime 2, a mobile phone app that allows them to text on wi-fi. the best entry is voted online and all all expense paid trip to new york city and lunch with slater. it seems actor penn is once again trading his moves for the white house. he joined th white house staff in 2009 but later left to film the third installment of haired and cue mar films. he will once again serve as liaison for those in the asian american and pacific islander communities. he is expected to start next week. today if you're a fan of apple you may want to tune in to the website. a major itunes announcement that, quote, you'll never forget.
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there's been a lot of speculation over what the 10:00 a.m. announcement might be. "the wall stet joual" says the beatles are finally coming to the music library, a deal they have been tryinto work out for years. >> there you go. another announcement from apple. >> aong time coming. amountf people wanted to get beatles stuff on itunes and they haven't been able to. >> i love the beatles. >> you don't even know who they are. >> my sons listen to the beatles. >> history class. >> it's raing. you can barely see the washington monument because of all the clouds and fog and mist in the sky we have had traffic trouble already. as soon as the first rain drop falls, people forget how to dry. >> this is suspender benr weather. i'm not quite sure what he meant by that but that is what he called it. >> i said fender-bender. >> oh, fender-bender. i get it.
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>> jerry has a long list of them he will tell you in a couple seconds. moving color on the radar is rain. light to moderate rain. it will be with us throughout the rest of the day. right now near 50 degrees. in the mountains in the 40s a long line of rain yet to come through through the gulf of mexico. this is going to be with us off and on through the rest of the day. temperatures climbing into the d-50s. overnight tonight we'll have some lingering showers. near 50 by dawn tomorrow. and then on wednesday, sunshine back. blustery wind. highs low 60s. it should be drying out thursday and friday but turning much cooler and a chilly dry weekend to follow. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> i wore my fan suspenders. oh, well. 395 northbound, just volume right now. but plenty of it. reduced visibility. slick roadways. as you head north through landmark en route to downtown, near gleeb road, lanes are open so far this morning. keep our fingers crossed.
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if you're headedinto town this morning, pennsylvania avenue picking up a little volume. heading across the soausa bridge. third street tunnel, we have a problem. i do belve this car is facing the wrong way. he's pointed that way. traffic is going that way. how that happened, i don't know. but we'll find out and let you know. out to the rails, metro vre with no delays. mark, penn 402 canceled. tro will honor tickets. joe and eun. >> all rit, jerry, thank you. why it soon could cost money for your son or daughter to ride a school bus. > a high school student is gaining nation attention for how he came to the defense of a teacher. >> and it didn't take long for the defense to put on its case in the cndra levy murder trial. how attorneys tried to move
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♪ ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc.c/getpoints. pnc. for the achiever in us all. a huge high-rise fire killed 50
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this morning authorities in china blame unlicensed welders for starting a high rise apartmt fire that killed more than 50 people. this happened yesterday at a 128-story building in shanghai. police believe the welders set fire while doing renovations. authorities detained those workers on criminal charges. an intense debate is under way in michigan with school authorities say a high school
6:27 am
teacher was suspended for violating his student's free speech rights. he kicked a student out for the day after a teen said he didn't accept gays. he was later reprimanded by the school and suspended o day without pay. the issue is now gaining even more attention after a 14-year-old openly gay student from another school defended mcdowell at a school board meeting. >> what teacher whom i fully support finally stood up and said something. i've sat inlassrooms where children have said the worst kinds ofthings, that kinds of things from only 9 years old. >> the video has drawn thousands of views on youtube. they are hosting a community forum to discuss tolerance and diversity issues. >> 6:27. if you didn'stay up and can stomach it, we'll show you the redskins effort on monday night football. they were evickorated
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>> more charges dropped against the man accused of killing chandra levy.
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up next, breaking news. the big announcement from london that many people around the world have been waiting
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clarts closing arguments. chandra ly case soon in the hands of a jury. and handing the redskins a historic embarrassing loss. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, november 16th, 2010. a live look outside right now on this rainy tuesday morning. take a look. it's hard to see out there. low visibility with this rain. that means problems on the roads. let's chec in to see how long this rain will last. >> all day lg. grab your umbrella. we have had passing showers since late last ening. now, this is the radar history over the last hour. where you see the blue is light rain. areas of green are where it's coming down a little bit harder. moderate to heavy rain passed out of culpepper county into southern faulkier county. light rain in fairfax,
6:32 am
montgomery, as well as the district of columbia. a little area of heavier rain is about to move into the metro area here in the next hour or so. that will complicate the commute, no doubt. we have had multiple accidents and temperatures arod the region near 50 degrees. it's not going to warm up much. peaking in the mid-50s. sunset at 4:54. no we'll likely dry out tomorrow. look at that as well as thursday and friday. that will be in ten minutes. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> we're slong down in several locations over the american legion bridge. south to tysons corner nothing to wry about. inner loop, a little bit of volume. it's a different story on 66. we are loading up very quickly as you head through centreville, fair oaks, capitol beltway. relatively dry this side of town. so this is good news. new york avenue, left-nd turn
6:33 am
to go to the southbound third street tunnel. somebody spun out taking the right lane of the two-way exit. they're going to getthem out in short order. metro and vre, no delays. mark, penn 402 has been canceled. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry. >> 6:33 is your time. we have breaking news out of london. prince william is engaged. kimberly suiters is live with more on that announcement. good morning, kim herly. >> reporter: good morning, eun. prince william officially engaged. fit son of prince charles and late princess diana engaged in miss chatting rain middleton. th wedding to take place in the spring or summer next year. they met eight years ago at university. they became engaged kenya in october of this year. prince william informed the queen and other close members of the family and took the gentlemanly route of getting permission from miss middleton's
6:34 am
father first. prince william will continue to serve with the royal air force. you either don't care at all about this news or care a lot. i remember waking up very rly to wake up to see prince asses diana mary the prince. so i was the latter. >> kimberly, thank you. >> reporter: sure. >> later thimorning, jurors will hear csing arguments in the chandra levy trying after prosecutors dropped two more charges against the man accused of killing t washington intern a decade ago. megan mcgrath joins us from d.c. superior court with more. good morning. >> well, good morning, eun. after three weeks of testimony, e fate of ingmar guandique soon will be in the hands of a jury. closing arguments are scheduled to begin later on this morning. then the case foes to the jury or deliberations.
6:35 am
ingmar guandique is accused of skilling chandra levy back in may 2001. her body was found a year later. guandique was originally charged with a host of crimes, including sexual assault, attempted robbery and attempted kidnapping. prosecutors have dropped all but two of the charges. two first-degree murder charges still stand. now, there is no dna evidence leaking guandique to the crime. much of the government's case rests on testimony of one of his celltes who said guandique confessed to him that he killed levy. they had testimony from another cellmate who said he ner heard guandique even mention levy's name. closing arguments is scheduled to get under way at 11:00 this morning. then the case goes to the jury. eun, back to you. megan, thank you. the fbi is offering $20,000 for information leading to an arrest in the shootings outside military facilities in rthern virginia.
6:36 am
there have been five separate incidents since mid-october. they have targeted the pent delop, marine corps. museum and two military recruiting centers. all linked to the same weapon. no one has been injured, though. >> the corruption scandal seems to be getting bigger. the fbi arrested nine more people, including three county police officers. the latest roundup four days after the arrest of county executive jack johnson. he must now wear an electronic monitoring device on his ankle. two officers and five others wereindicted on conspiring to commit extortion charges, while a third officer and another man faced drug and conspiracy charges. the u.s. attorney talked about possible connections in the scandal. >> we have yon going right now a series of related corruption investigations here in prince george's county. we're notoing to talk about
6:37 am
what, if any, connections there might be among these investigations. >>the officers have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. 6:36. 48 degrees. the local school district now looking to charge students a school bus fee. redskins were dominated from the first play of the game. hear what the players had to say about their performance in their 'em baring loss to the eagles. ugly. that's sort of what the weather is like, too. rain and drizzle around the region. we'll get the latest weather and
6:38 am
still to come
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one week after his book released, george bush will break ground on his george w. bush presidential center. it will include a library and policy institu. it is expected to open in 2013 on the campus of southern methodist university. former secretary of state ndoleezza sxris ari flesher are expeed to today's ground
6:41 am
breaking. and look at that scene out there. we have a lot of rain and drizzle. a bleary day fitting day after monday night football. yuck. >> traffic is calling. we have already had reports of multiple accidents. yes, we have rain falling. most of the areas, roads, streets and sidewalks are wet from passing showers that began late last evening and they continue this morning. look at all that moving color on the radar. that's all rain. mostly light rain. panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley, district of columbia. it's coming up in the next half hour or so. these are moving quickly. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. later today peaking in the mid-50s. periods of rain, passing showers from time to time all the way into tonight. we may get an inch of rain but probably no flooding. tomorrow we'll dry out. sun ship back. highs reaching low 60s.
6:42 am
much chiller friday. 395 northbound comes to a grinding halt not so long after you leave the beltway across the 14th street bridge. issue, oversized truck at the exit ramp to go from eastbound freeway to the northbound third street tunnel. it took ahile for authorities to get it out of there. traffic backed up on to 395. things moving slowly if you're headed that direction. elsewhere, we'll update you throh southeast. pennsylvania avenue not too bad. earlier accident outer loop of route 4. that has been cleared. up near fort meade, pretty serious crash. authorities are detouring traffic up there. out to the rails and see how we're doing. metro and vre, still doing okay. mark, 402 canceled this morning. metro will honor tickets. jerry, thank you. why it could cost money for your son or daughter to ride the
6:43 am
bus to school. a metro escalato suddenly stopped in the middle of rush hour. it was painful to watch. what the redskins had to say following their per
6:44 am
still to come, apple calling it a day you'll never forget. the big announcement the tech gi
6:45 am
macklin pushed off. caught it. touchdowns! oh, man. never seen anything like this, ever. >> nope. ever. the eagles just scored again and again. it was an endless barrage of michael vick and the eagles
6:46 am
offense all night long. they had absolutely no answer except the answer to the question, what happens if you hold a football game and only one team shows up. it was a mess. the game was practically over before the end of the rst quarter. the 59-28 loss means the skins's season is in serious trouble. lindsay czarniak at fedex fld with what went wrong. >> reporter: the redskins are humiliated. >> reporter: redskins are humiliated by what they allowed michael vick and the eagles to do them on monday night football. the 59-28 loss takes away any enjoyment he felt from signing his new contraction extension. >> i'm embarrassed. with the way things went and snowballed in the wrong direction, i mean, it wajust an embarrassment. >> we got early out played, outcoached in every area. i take responsibility for it. should have had them prepared
6:47 am
better thai did. as i told the players, we have a short week. what we have to do is focus on getting ready for tennessee. but these games do happen. not very proud when they do happen. very embarrassed as an organization, our players, our football team and hopefully we'll respond accordingly. >> felt like somebody was playing a video game out there. felt like a video game score. it was unbievable. >> like racking up bcs points. or something like that. they should be ranked number one now to win like that. >> mama said there would be days like this. just happened to be right now. can't have it happen at all but it did. >> with this loss the redskins ha given up 104 points, the last two times they have appeared on mond night football. from fedex field, lindsay czarniak, back to you. the president of the united states would let them use the
6:48 am
word shell lacking. the 59 points were the most ever allowed by mike shanahan coached team. despite the team's awful performance last night, quarterback donovan mcnabb has a nice, nice new contract. despite the team's awful performance, the redskins signed mcnabb to a five-year $78 million deal. $48 million is guaranteed and e total could reach $88 million when incentives are adde his agent said the deal has been in the works since the 33-year-old quarterback was acquired back in ail for two draft choices. today washington archbishop donald whirl will leave for rome where he will be elevated to cardinal. later this week he will celebrate mass at the basilica in rome. on saturday, pope benedict xvi will elevate him to the college of cardinals. more than 350 people from washington and pittsburgh will
6:49 am
travel to rome for the occasion. the tights of cardinal is the highest in the catholicchurch after the pope. here's something in montgomery county to think about as you send your kids off to school. some students may soon have to pay to ride the bus. the scho board will ask state lawmakers to allow the county to charge students bus fees. board members are considering the fees because of the sagging budget could get a boost from them. right now a 1997 state law forbids it. cnbc courtney a gans joins us live. good morning, courtney. >> reporter: hi. good morning, jo ecutives in charge of bank of america and jpmorgan say fore the senate banking committee this afternoon. they collect payments for 9 million loans set up procedures to make sure workers who process documents actually review them. b of a insists it hasn't foreclosed on borrowers who
6:50 am
haven't missed any payments. walmart says in addition to being open on thanksgiving day, most will open at midnight for black thursday. door busters offered at 5:00 a.m. itunes, apple struck a deal with the beatles to se their songs online about 75% of all album sold are sold from cds. apple sa it is not a profit generator, more of a vehicle to sell more iphones and ipods. a long time waiting. >> certainly have been. thanks very much, courtney. you have a great day. >> reporter: you too. time to look for another forecast from tom and look outside right now. it's gloomy, hazy. all the rain is making it hard to see anything >> the first beatl song i will
6:51 am
download is rain. will rain off and on throughout the rest of the damp we have had passing showers since late last night. where you see the moving green, it's coming down harder. blue areas areas of light rain. this is the last hour. there's ite a large batch now coming into prince william county. it's also advancing out of faulkier, loudon unty. it will be there hortly. by the way, washburn, loudon county, creighton's corner elementary where i will be visiting. coming southwest to northeast. and the rainfall totals since this all began, we have had a arter inch around washington, .02 in the nearby suburbs. elsewhere, that's been the story. a little bit more central shenandoah valey, half an inch. in the 40s to near 50 degrees. it's not going to warm up much
6:52 am
as the day progresses. in the mountains, mid-40s. bay and easternshore, mid-50s. it's going to be holding steady there as well. more rain on the way. the last 12 hours this conveyor belt out of the gulf of mexico, heading off north and east. you'll need an umbrella this morning. it will bechilly. you'll need to layer up a little bit. it will stay in the 40s the next few hours. sunrise later today reaching the mid-50s wi passing showers. sunset is at 4:54. overnight, a few more passing showers. it could end up with a little more than an inch. i dot expect flooding because it's not coming down hard enough to cause flooding. overall, a wet pattern into early tomorrow morning. sun black. blustery northwest wind. highs low 60s. mostly cloudy. cooler thursday. much cooler friday. sunny, 30s in the morning. afternoon highs near 50. sunny and chilly weekend to follow. how is the traffic now?
6:53 am
>> things a little tough in some of the spots. broken dn car 395 at the 14th street bridge. folks adjusting the camera. reportedly bken down in the left travel lane. that may be the case were you see cars over on the shoulder. that combined with annan earlier problem downtown. delays at the capitol beltway. wilson bridge certainly very manageable. springfield to tysons, nothing out of the ordinary. 66 eastbound, accident there. police o scene dealing with it. be very careful. you can see how it's loading up quickly threw centreville. out to the rails we go. metro and vre looking fine. mark, penn 402 canceled. filling up your tank before you hit the road for the holiday is going to cost you a little extra this year. gas price are up anywhere from 22 cents to 24 cents last year.
6:54 am
d.c., the average gallon of gas costs $2.97. maryland $2,.86. virginia, $2.77. national average is $2.89. a $5 million levee will save the city fromthe flooding that occurs every 100 years. the moveable levee will be built along 17th street. this cou have a major fect on traffic in the area. without a levee, city leaders say the nation' capital coul risk a devastating flood. also, if it's not built, 2,000 property owners in the area would be forced to buy flood insurance, costing $1,500 for each property. several escalators shut down at dupont. on of its escalators suddenly stped during the morning rush yesterday. it's still not clear what caused the problem. no one was hurt. this comes weeks after an
6:55 am
escalator suddenly stopped a then sped up at the l'enfant injuring six people. since then metro has been inspecting all 588 of its escalators systemwide. the corruption scandal in prince george's county just keeps growing. the fbi arrested nine people, including three county police officers. the latest roundup comes just four days after the arrest of county executive jack johnson. and his wife lese. agents last night were carrying out boxes filled with papers. tracee? >> reporter: good morning, joe. in addion to the arrest, they have done some seizures of homes, cars, bank accounts. this investigation into corruption of prince george's county is continuing. prince george's county executive johnson is back on the job while facing federal tampering charges. he wore an ankle bracelet like
6:56 am
this one after his arrest on friday. >> i'm going to remain strong, finish whai started. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the county, state and federal agents carried boxes from the tick tock liquor store. federalrosecutors accused two prinls george's county police officers of using their powers to help five other defendants transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes and liquor. both the accused officers worked out of belts vil. 45-year-old sergeant richard delabur and 42-year-old kim. those garette and liquor taxes are a significant source of revenue for the state of maryland and the federal government. in a separate case, a third prince george's cop simick of woodbridge, virginia has been indicted on gun and cocaine charges. >> i'm outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonstrated by threef our officers who tarnished our badge. >> reporter: with all the arrests and federal charges made in the last few days, maryland's u.s. attorney had this to say about possible connections. we have ongoing right now a
6:57 am
series of related corruption charges here in prince george's county. >> reporter: those three officers have been suspended pending the outcome of this investigation. >> tracee, thank you. 6:57. kimberly suiters has this morning's top storiein the newsroom. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the royal rumors are true. prince william is officially engaged to kate middleton. remember the blue dress? it happened just before that in kenya back ioctober. she'll be called catherine by the royal family. the public can no longer came her katie waity after an eight-year courtship. >> closing arguments in the
6:58 am
chandra levy trial. he still faces two murder charges. they're testing a jawbone in aruba to see if it comes from gnat lee hallw. a dutch newspaper reported tourists discovered it friday. she disappeared back in 2005. first, this month it was the democrats in congress. now it'she redskins getting shell lacked losing 59-28 to the philadelphia eagles. quarterback donovan mcnabb signed a $78 million contract on the very same day. joe and eun, back to you in the studio. >> embarrassing cocidence. >> bummer of a game. all right. well, the blizzard of 2010 brought a lot of snow to our area. i think that's an understatement. >> and a new word to our voe cab lacer. global language monitor put snow ma dead don on its top ten list of 12010. and snowpocalypse.
6:59 am
others sll cam for bp's live feed of the gulf oil disaster, vuvuzela, plastic horns used at the world cup and refudiate, sarah palin version of refute and repudiate. snowmageddonseems like a distant memory. and tea party, great recession and lady gaga. after last night the phrase eagles score again has been added to the list. >> or gameageddon. >> a lot of viewers e-maed great names for the snowstorms last year. >> and scrabble players are writing the words down now. we have rain falling and it's continue to go fall around the region. you see the moving color. blue is light rain. green and yellow it's raining a little bit harder. it's going to be wet throughout the rest of the day, drying out tomorrow. how is the traffic, jerry? it's going to be a tough morning. give yourself extra travel time. look out, it's


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